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For testing out transmitters every ham should have a dummy load. The project I'm describing here is usefull up to 30W. The parts used could allow up to 50W but there is no vents in the chassis.

The Parts

  • One small metal box
  • One chassis mount BNC connector
  • 26 1.3K 2W resistors.


The 26 resistors were soldered in parallel. One end was connected to the chassis. The other end was connected to the center pin of the BNC connector.


I realize that there isn't much here. But hopefully the pictures give you some ideas. Use whatever parts you have on hand. The goal is to get a resistive load of 50 ohms. Good luck.


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nvpbdugw?19 January 2012, 03:31

HRX1eK <a href="">mvnryjnivsjp</a>

avmjlwmndt?18 January 2012, 02:40

DbZwoe <a href="">xpteyfuylfii</a>

Bison?17 January 2012, 20:24

That's 2 clveer by half and 2x2 clever 4 me. Thanks!

ki6jrk?16 January 2008, 08:04

Adding an RF choke is a bad idea. A dummy load should be a pure resistive device.

kd8hln?13 January 2008, 15:15

add a rf choke for more power

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