Welcome to the KI6JRK website.

I received my Ham license in May of 2007. My main interest is QRP. This site will contain information I've gathered and the different electronics projects I've worked on. I haven't decided where you'll find me on the radio. I'll build transceivers and see what happens. Hopefully you find some of the information here usefull.

I finally took the time to get my Extra license. May of 2008 I received my Extra license.

You can contact me at richard at campworld dot net

Below are descriptions of the major sections of the website.

The Shack
Just an overview of my shack and the equipment I use.

Test Equip
Every ham bench needs test equipment. I buy only when required. Otherwise I build the rest.

I'm building my own antennas. Take a look and see if there is something you want to build.

Depending on what I'm working on I sometimes keep a history of what I've learned. Lokk here for some of my notes.

Other Sites
Here you'll find a collection of links to information I have found.

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